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Student Financial Success
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  • Deliver digital, personalized student communications
  • Gain clarity with data insights
  • Improve cost and affordability transparency
  • Streamline scholarship management
  • Bridge student funding gaps 24/7
  • Simplify financial aid processes
  • Provide students with 24/7 digital assistance

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What Our Clients Say

“While the self-service model has been successful across other departments, CampusLogic is the first to bring it to financial aid, delivering a platform that securely transforms the way our students engage with financial aid.”
Bob Collins
Vice President
Western Governors University
“Over the years, our students have reported having trouble understanding their award letter or even finding their award letter within the student portal, as well as deciphering what it all means, which leads to questions at the counter and phone calls. We were impressed by the ability to embed videos, provide useful and relevant information on a single screen, and in a format that is intuitive to today’s learner.”
Greg Ryan
Director of Financial Aid
Fullerton College
“Thanks so much for introducing us to this “age of technology” solution. Students are much more responsive to online and it has saved us time and resources not mailing paper forms to complete.”
Kim Stonecipher
Director of Financial Aid
Stephens College

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