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The Financial Aid Process

Simplify financial aid paperwork from collection to processing.

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Increase process velocity, decrease frustration for students and staff

StudentForms takes manual financial aid processes and transforms them into streamlined, digital workflows.
Unburden your staff from monotonous tasks and compliance risk while equipping students with the tools to seamlessly move through the funding journey.
StudentForms Key Benefits
  • Student access from any device with virtual document uploads
  • Streamlined verification, professional judgements and SAP appeals
  • Reduce risk and ensure consistency with automation

What results can I expect from

Expected Results 01

Direct Impact on Enrollment

Jacksonville State University saw a 500 student enrollment
increase after implementation of StudentForms.
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Faster Throughput

Texas A&M saw processing time cut from weeks to under 48 hours.
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Expected Results 02
Expected Results 03

Reduce Cycles

Seminole State College of Florida reduced document
collection efforts by 99% with the help of StudentForms.
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Create a simpler path and reduce barriers
to financial aid completion

Nearly 40% of low-income students accepted into college never enroll because of
financial aid complexity.
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Create Efficiencies

Clear, automated communications keep students and parents on
track through the financial aid process, so your team doesn’t have
to chase down paperwork.
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Improve the Student Experience

Our student portal lets them access important documents anytime,
anywhere and from any device, creating the on-demand experience
your students are accustomed to.
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Drive Completion

Digitized processes and guided form-fills make it easy for students
to move through financial aid forms with speed and autonomy.

Bundle StudentForms to help cut
through complexity

Our products work magic on their own, and they provide even more benefits
when you put them together. The Cut Complexity Plan reduces manual
processes for staff while decreasing financial aid friction for students.

How This Plan Helps

  • Increase financial aid completion rates by simplifying and digitizing your processes
  • Reduce administrative overhead and repetitive student questions with dynamic information
  • Personalized, virtual conversations ensure questions get answers, on demand
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What’s Included In this Plan

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Automated Financial Aid
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AI-Powered Advising Platform
Campus Communicator Icon
Clarifying Engagement Tool

StudentForms in Action

StudentForms Action
UC Santa Barbara

How UCSB Normalized the Financial Aid Experience for Dream Act Students

CampusLogic gave UCSB exactly what it needed — a student financial success platform that serves all students and enables staff to streamline processes for everyone.

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Start paving the way for Student Financial Success by
streamlining financial aid processes.

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